How much can I save?

I had someone walk into the office today and asked, How much can I save?

Their home is currently listed but the listing expires soon so I asked what price do you anticipate it will sell for? $550,000 was the answer and at 6% commission.  That works out to $33,000 in commissions to the agents for selling a house.  Really? is it going to cost them that much to sell it?  So, what is a reasonable fee?

At Help-U-Sell Gold Country, we charge $4,550 to list and $4,550 selling fee for a total of $9,100.  That’s a savings of $23,900!   “I will see you when my listing expires” he said as he went out the door.

How much can you save?  go to the SAVINGS CALCULATOR and find out for yourself!

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